Technology – A Thing Which Has Affected Almost Every Walk of Life – Education Technology

The influx of technology has made the field of education exciting, easier and far reaching in its approach. The uses of technology in education are multidimensional and multifarious.Various mind mapping, dictionaries and thesaurus softwares are available for the student of grade 1 to a person conducting PHD research. Educational websites have abundance of educational material on almost every topic under the sun. You just need to Google a topic and thousands of links open up in an instant.Social networking websites like orkut, Facebook and Twitter have made the course of learning and teaching interesting as well as more effective in comparison to traditional education. Peer learning and increased interaction between the teachers and students give an extra edge to learning.Class/course websites, wikis and blogs not only enhance the value of teaching and learning process but also make the learning material 24/7within reach.Easy access of internet on various micro gadgets like mobile phones, iPhones, laptops and iPods have brought a revolution in the life of modern student.As it is proved by various researches and studies that visual learning is always better than the class room lectures or studies from books. Use of computers, PowerPoint slides, audio video aids in the class room has enlivened the modern classrooms. What’s more, the smart board is a fascinating device where teachers and students can control the computer applications with a slight touch, write, draw, paint and manipulate various images in order to make classes more interactive.On the top of that, multitude of free internet tools for the facilitation of teaching and learning are an amazing opportunity to bring innovation, variety and assortment in the educational field.Here is the list of some useful internet tools for both teachers and students:
1. Diigo
2. Glogster
3. Go animate
4. Sliderocket
5. ToonDoo
6. Voki
7. Wordle
8. Animoto
9. Edmodo
10. Teachertube
11. Wiziq
12. Firefox
13. Delicious
14. Google Reader
15. Gmail
16. Skype
17. Google Calender
18. Google Docs
19. iGoogle
20. Slideshare
21. Flickr
22. Voicethread
23. WordPress
24. Audacity
25. YouTube
26. Jing
27. Polldaddy
28. Nvu
29. Yugma
30. PBWiki
31. Ustream
32. Ning
33. Freemind
34. eXe
35. MoodleSo, 21st century teachers and learners!!!!! enjoy this fun-filled educational trip in the fanciful company of technological devices. Wish you best of luck.